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About Yammy

Yammy Network – the smart solution. Our goal is to create the new reality equivalent to LEGO of blockchain. Yammy Network is about to introduce the elements of Blockchain 3.0 features for the first time ever.

What does it mean?

Imagine portions of code which is compact, easy to read and understand combined with applicability and scalability for the average user who will be able to build a smart contract or a Decentralized Application (dApp) of his choice.

Same way small LEGO bricks create buildings or even machines with sensors without engineering Yammy gives users the opportunity to everyone to make their own blockchain applications and contracts even without knowledge of programming.

Moreover, Yammy Network is going to create the whole ecosystem of web services and apps based on this principe.

Yammy – the future is here.

Yammy Token

Name: Yammy Token | Symbol: YMM
Algo: Ethereum | Type: ERC20 | Decimals: 18
Max Supply: 100 000 000
Verified by Etherscan ✔
Contract: 0xf3bcbaac4d699bd81e75e35fe01c695739b0903c

Yammy Token distribution

About Funds
R&D Fund -Yammy Network is strongly backed by science and technology. We are keen to introduce our ideas to the World thus the main amount of tokens will be spent on Research and Development of the Project.
Network Maintenance Fund - Yammy Network proudly presents revolutionary zero transaction fee Yammy Coin (YMA) based on it's own blockchain. To keep the mainnet running the Network Maintenance Fund is established.
Reserve Fund - 10% of the YMM Token emission reserved. The use of this coins is strictly prohibited and all the tokens will be burned during Stage2 of the Project.
# Stage % YMM
1 Airdrop Fund 5% 5 000 000 YMM
2 Bounty Fund 10% 10 000 000 YMM
3 R&D Fund 50% 50 000 000 YMM
4 Marketing Fund 5% 5 000 000 YMM
5 Network Maintenance Fund 5% 5 000 000 YMM
6 Founders Fund 5% 5 000 000 YMM
7 Reserve Fund 10% 10 000 000 YMM
8 Exchange Listing Fund 10% 10 000 000 YMM
Total supply 100% 100 000 000 YMM


Start: 2018 Q4
- Whitepaper v1.0
- Launch of website
- Token creation
Q1 2019
- Listing YMM to exchange
- Whitepaper v2.0
Q2 2019
- Yammy Coin launch
- Masternodes
Q3 2019
- Smartcontracts
- Yammy Platform alpha version
Q4 2019
- Yammy Platform beta version
- Betting site as a first sample of Yammy Platform
- Global marketplace with crypto payments
- Decentralized crypto exchange

Where to buy?


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Our Team

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Eric Bloodaxe

UNIX industrial apps developer with 20 years of experience. Certified aerospace engineer, former of JPL and NASA specialist.

Yammy Network co-founder

Wilson Baker

Young and ambitious Python developer. Control systems engineer whose idea to make blockchain simple is the driving force behind the project. Employee of the Siemens AG.

Yammy Network co-founder

tg twitter

Financial specialist. Commodity trader with speciality in futures with 10 years of professional experience trading in the commodity markets.

Yammy Network co-founder

Yammy's Partners

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21twOne Team

Bounty Management